Solidity to count on

In order to provide continuity in this field and fully comply with the principles of mutual aid, Aristea recently finalised a merger with a small construction cooperative in the province of Ferrara, working on bids for tenders for the public client, Hera Spa.

 This operation will also enable greater development of our strictly local commercial initiatives.

 Continuity will be given to jobs inherited through the merger and, at the same time, strategies will be used to gain new works and consequently create employment opportunities in the province of Ferrara.

 Furthermore, also in Ferrara, with the help of the company Il Progresso scarl, based in Argenta, Aristea is taking part in other water and heat maintenance works, commissioned by Hera Spa and, in order to optimise this new project, another 15 redundant workers from another cooperative in the Ferrara area have been employed by Aristea.



Construction of the Passante di Mestre (Mestre By-pass)

Mestre (VENICE)

As part of this contract, Aristea is involved in the construction of the plumbing systems for water management and the creation of the signage along the whole stretch of road.