Aristea scarl is currently made up of 160 ordinary shareholders and 5 investor members, whose “governance” is based, since it is a cooperative company, on one vote per capita (one head = one vote, regardless of the number of shares held by each shareholder). 

For some time, Aristea had been looking for one or more partners who could bring new resources into the cooperative, with whom it could gain fresh impetus to tackle constantly increasing market requirements, also seizing the opportunities that would have been very difficult to tackle with the internal forces alone. 

Towards the end of 2008 and the beginning of 2009, as shareholders and managers of the cooperative, we had the chance to meet a family of entrepreneurs, Tiozzo di Chioggia, managers of the group with the same name, who expressed an interest in looking more closely into the possibility, after performing the relative checks, of joining the cooperative as investor members, in order to develop a series of business initiatives with us in sectors where Aristea had already consolidated its know how. 

The meetings that followed, the checks and close examinations resulted in a positive outcome for both parties, confirming the reciprocal desire to join forces to develop new and old business through our cooperative. 

Both the management and the board of directors were very pleased with this initiative, to the extent that, as the shareholders know, to welcome these new shareholders, we activated all the formal procedures starting from the approval of the regulations for investor members, as well as the establishment of the fund for investor members and the issue of the cooperative shares, through resolutions made by the Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meetings, both held on 17/04/2009. Formal procedures led to the board’s resolution to accept the investor members then the ratification of the Shareholders’ meeting held the afternoon of 29/05/2009 during which the new board of directors was also appointed. 

We are convinced that this partnership has all the necessary conditions for Aristea to make that essential leap forwards in quality in order to tackle future challenges.